Sunday, June 19, 2005

So much to remember

Sunday June 19th, 2005

I want to remember everything about this pregnancy. I want to write it all down, take pictures, join groups, learn baby signs and today I wanted to do a belly mould of my wife. Considering that we have just completed the first tri-mester she took it very well.

That's something else I need to remember. The changes in my life are profound but they don't even come close to what she is going through. I'm talking about the combined effect of hormone's, a women intuition and woman's logic. This combination leads to discussions at 3 o'clock every morning. At first I try to not let go of the pleasant dream I was enjoying but then I realize who is talking to me and why. This is the most important thing for me to remember now. Her concerns are real. The least I can do is try to listen. The fact that I am up at three o'clock is just good training for when I become a Dad.

I want to quickly explain a few things about this blog and about me. I love me wife more than she will ever know. Everyday I smile or laugh when she does something. Sometimes she thinks that I am laughing at her expense, but the truth is that I can't contain my emotions when I watch her and my comments or facial expressions are misunderstood. It happens. At the same time, I have a comedic view on life experiences. I see humor where others may not. It is not my intention to laugh "AT" my wife or family members but to share with you the experiences that bring joy to my life everyday.

I hope a little reality is okay with you.


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