Tuesday, June 21, 2005

What a Display!!! Was it a Mistake???

I was just sitting down to post my message when a series of loud explosions rocked our house. Looking out the window I saw a fantastic fireworks display down on the Thames. Now London has a great display every year, however, we are still over a week away from Canada Day and there is no reason why such a show would have happened today. I am guessing either a rather large mistake occurred or some troubled youth (probably Adam T.) snuck onto the barge and decided to set them off. If that was the fireworks destined for Canada Day celebrations then I want to ensure Londoners that it was, or would have been, a fantastic show indeed.

Back to our pregnancy. We went maternity cloths shopping again today. Briefly, Old Navy has some half decent prices on selected items but the quality did not do it for me. Some outfits were nice and we did pick up a pair of pants and a top ($70 for the outfit) but most of the cloths were designed to cover the body, not to fit the body and my wife's body is looking better and better everyday. I want to see, and celebrate, her pregnancy, not cover it up.

We then went next door to Motherhood Maternity. What a find. Great prices. Nice fashions. Accessories like pre-natal Yoga videos and Doppler devices. This place was great. We even found another couple there that were due around the same time as we are. If you happen to read this then WE WANT TO BE YOUR FRIENDS!!! My wife and I had a good laugh about going back into the store and asking them to take us home with them. It is nice to have friends that are pregnant or have just given birth but these are the first people we have met that are due when we are. They too were shopping for their first cloths. Anyway, we don't really want to be your friends. I don't want to seem desperate or anything. I don't want to be friends with the first couple that comes along. I will need to give this decision more thought.

Last but not least, I took the name Cletus the Fetus for a test drive around the office today along with a picture of our ultrasound. Apparently the name Cletus reminds some people of a part of the female reproductive system. Apparently I don't care. I love the name and until he/she is actually born the name Cletus the Fetus will stand.

All for now.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think that Cletus the Fetus is a great name! And Cletus would be a great name at Hogwarts as well. :-)

8:13 p.m.  

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