Friday, June 24, 2005

Dinner With Friends With A Baby

Well I have received comments to my posts by two people. One of the comments was posted by a friend at work, who has a young son and the other was posted by our VERY BEST FRIENDS in London (that was for you S so you can sleep better). What is particularly special about these friends is that they have a really cool new addition to their family, a son named Alexander who is around 40 days old today.

One of the things that people may find interesting about S&R is that they chose to give birth at home. What I found most interesting was what they gave birth in and who was there. It all started on their honeymoon and 8 months later S asked my wife if she would like to be there at the birth of their son. What they did not know at the time was that we had just found out that we were having a baby and wanted to keep it a secret for a little while. My greatest concern was that labour and delivery would be too much for my newly impregnated wife to watch.

When the phone rang at 7:00 am on her due date I just crossed my fingers and hoped for the best. I walked my wife over to their house to congratulate R on the big day. S was upstairs, obviously in labour, sitting in a full sized cattle trough with a home made water heating system attached to the side. I suppose that when the midwife suggested renting a birthing pool she mentioned that you could also purchase a giant metal cattle trough, slug it in from the farmers supply store, haul it up the stairs and fill it with 900L of water which needed to be heated to just the right temperature.

So there, in the baby's room, on her due date and after only 3 really big pushes, S gave birth to Alex. It was such a positive experience for my wife that she is meeting the same midwife on Tuesday to discuss midwivery and birthing options.

Nothing funny tonight I'm afraid.

Good night Cletus. Good night Alex


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you! I'm glad you feel there is nothing funny about giving birth in a cattle trough!

BTW, if you are ever interested, we could probably provide you with a heater, but unfortunately the cattle trough has been sold. ;-) It just didn't match the rest of the baby furniture. Although I really do miss having such a large bathtub!

...and for the record, I was never threatened by your Motherhood Maternity new friends... I know there's enough love go around. :-)


2:29 p.m.  

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