Sunday, August 21, 2005

Garage Sales and Disposable Babies

I am going to ignore the fact that I have not posted many messages in over a week and hope that nobody noticed. I am just going to go ahead and describe garage sale finds and Diaper construction decisions.

I must admit, the idea of a disposable diaper is very appealing. I am the kind of guy who sniffs everything for B.O. before I can be sure that it is safe to wear out of the house. I am afraid that my behaviours will not be modified in time to keep Cletus clean. I can picture myself getting ready for a picnic or dinner with family and digging through the dirty diaper pile looking for a couple that don't stink and are hopefully dry.

The convenience of disposable diapers, however, does not make up for the cost of that convenience. I am talking about the financial cost of diapers as well as the environmental cost of diapers not to mention that children raised in cloth diapers are potty trained about 6 months earlier than disposable babies. ***I like the term disposable babies. It was a typo but I am leaving it in and now I am going back to change the title.***

This brings me to the garage sale portion of this post. Is it gross to buy clean, used, cloth diapers from strangers? I can get a used diaper for under a buck, saving about 90% per diaper. That seems like a great deal. We buy used clothes, used furniture and used toys but why does the idea of purchasing used breast milk pumps and cloth diapers seem odd?

Either way, I couldn't resist the deal and picked up Cletus's first 10, clean, used, cloth diapers. They smell okay and seem dry enough.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

OHHHH dear friend.....I dunno, maybe its me, I'm sure they are clean but wow, just the idea of using used cloth diapers kinda of reminds me of borrowing a clean pair of undies from a friend. Now, me being who I am would never borrow dunno for babies is it diffrent? I took the expenisve route, however glad I did...cus as much as I love my lil man, still couldn't stomach cleaning out cloth diapers. Potty training was bad enough! Hope all is well with the fam...I want pictures of the babyyyy......Mrs.Texas

2:11 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Personally, I love the cloth diaper. It's easy to clean and a little bleach in the first ever load, followed up by a hot rinse load should get rid of the bleach.

A dollar a diapper is a great price for diapers that you can use over and over, and when I need more I won't be buying them off the 'net! Count me in for the next garage sale scavange...

Now it's true, I've never borrowed a pair of undies from from a friend. But I also haven't ever used a pair of undies just to poop in for about, oh, 29 years...

The environment argument is definitely a great one, and I'll try and pick up another piece of garbage soon to ensure the posts keep coming :-)

Good job Cletus' Dad!!

Mr. Computer Geek.

5:44 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We ended up going the disposable route. We went back and forth for a while and weighed the pros and cons of both ways. The clincher for us turned out to be that none of the daycare facilities around here will deal with cloth diapers.

I do keep a couple of packages of them around the house though. It's amazing how handy the things are. In fact I've been having trouble with my mousing elbow at work rubbing on the desk so I've got a folded diaper under my elbow as I type this (I'm on my "coffee" break). People look at me a little strange but hey, it works. :)

Now, as to whether I'd buy them at a garage sale, my initial thought was "yuck" but then I started thinking about it. I'm not 100% sure because we didn't get *that* deep into the research but if you use a service do you get back the same diapers as you send in? If not (and I'm kind of leaning towards not) then there's not much difference with buying them used.

5:51 p.m.  

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