Saturday, July 30, 2005

I Have Yet To Decide On A Topic For Tonight

I hope I can get this message posted before they shut off my telephone and internet. Tonight my line gets transferred to my new house. Everyone is there but I am taking advantage of the cool night air to do some more moving, The loft is almost empty. Only a few more boxes and this computer remain.

I am not in a hurry though. Family has come to help with the move as my wife, as you know, is pregnant. The house is kind of full and I am enjoying my alone time here.

From the beginning I wanted to keep this blog real. I envisioned writing everything that I thought might help other couples. What I realize now is that while I am honest with what I write, sometimes I must omit certain topics. So tonight I don't have a topic. No advice. No stories. Nothing.

So take from this post what you will. For now I will just stop typing. I still have some moving to do.


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