Monday, July 25, 2005

Buh-dah-bum Buh-dah-bum Buh-dah-bum

That was what I was hoping to hear with my new Bebe Sounds Prenatal Heart Listener. I didn't hear that. I think I heard the baby moving around. I am also pretty sure I could hear fluid moving around in there too.

Even though I couldn't definitively make out the sound of the heart I think that every penny spent on this item was money well spent. It led to 10 quality minutes of quiet time for my wife and I. We played with her belly (and mine) and shared the sounds of our creation.

So what if we didn't hear the heart on the first try. I know that I will share quality time with my wife many more times until we hear the heartbeat and will continue to do so throughout the pregnancy.

Speaking of quality, or lack thereof, we ate a veggie lasagna that isn't sitting right. I think I am too excited about this new product and I am looking forward to using the monitor to hear what's going on in there. If I come up with any other uses for a prenatal heart listener then I will pass them onto you through this blog.

Edited 10 minutes after original post
After re-reading this message it occurred to me that I should heed the advice provided in yesterdays message. As I am feeling a little gassy it may be wise to change out of my brand name clothes and into something a little more loose fitting and inexpensive. One mistake and I could lose the whole ensemble.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

We had one of those during my wife's pregnancy. I swear all I ever heard was her stomach gurgling. :)

On the plus side the unit that we had also had speakers so that we could hook it up to the cd player and play tunes to her belly.

I might not mean anything but our 13 month old son loves just about any kind of music and will bounce along to pretty much anything. :)

5:28 p.m.  

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