Sunday, July 24, 2005

I Found Something Worse Than Maternity Clothes

Baby clothes that are given as gifts at baby showers are stupid. Why a 0-3 month old needs a $34 top and $20 pants is beyond me. $54 for a baby outfit is proof positive that the marketing gurus at The Gap and other similar stores deserve every penny they make. Don't get me wrong, I recognize the difference in quality and love the designs. I believe that these kids will look more beautiful in their brand name duds. My problem is this...on those days when I plan to crap my pants or when I am too lazy to get to the can so I pee my pants at my desk, I choose to not wear my brand name clothes.

Knowing that babies do this everyday, not to mention how quickly they grow out of the clothes we buy them, why don't we just wrap them in paper towel and put the cash into an education fund. Bounty is so absorbent these days that your baby's skin may always be dry and it is better for the environment than disposable diapers.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Man, do I ever agree with that. When my wife was pregnant *her* friends got us all sorts of expensive baby clothes. Most of which were never worn. I think it's some sort of one-upmansship in her circle of friends. Our son is now 13 months and other then the occasional $8 Harley-Davidson t-shirt I pick up for him :) he wears mostly stuff from Carters that we buy during their blow-out sales.

It reminds me of when my sister had her first baby (about nine years ago now). Being a single guy in his mid-20s at the time I had no idea what to get for the baby and made the mistake of asking my mom. She said that babies always need blankets so I figured I had it easy, buy a few blankets and call it a day. Oh no, not just any blanket would do. Mom wanted me to drive to the south side of Chicago (I'm in what we somewhat humorously call the "far northern 'burbs". There's an Irish import store down that way that mom saw the most adorable little blanket in. $60 for a piece of lacy fabric for a baby to spit up on. Yeah right. I wasn't about to do something like that so I bought a case of diapers and enough receiving blankets to bring my total to $60. My sister of course was peeved because my gift was "too practical" but I think her husband appreciated it. :)

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