Friday, July 08, 2005

The First Salsa Lesson

In London we have a series of festivals that take place throughout the summer at Victoria Park. This weekend is SunFest, four days of music from around the world, great food from many different cultures and artisans and merchants hawking everything from drums to furniture. Our favourite things are the food and music. All weekend long we can enjoy Red Curry Chicken, Kabobs, Roti, Jerk Pork and chicken, Spring Rolls, Papusas, empanadas, Satay, Pad Thai, etc. while listening to fantastic music.

Now I am not sure at what age Cletus will begin to enjoy and learn music but I hope tonight was not to soon. I also hope that when Cletus is really here that he will dance and have fun with music like some of the other kids tonight. What an honest review of the music. And not just the tiny tots either. One kid, around the age of 8 was shaking his hips like he was a world champion hula-hooper. Another kid enjoyed herself too much and for too long and ended up passing out and falling into a lump on her wagon, kind of lying on her face while kind of kneeling at the same time. The kids were everywhere.

While I have enjoyed SunFest every year, this year was my favourite because of the kids. I never noticed how many kids are in this world. I never noticed how many women are pregnant. We are blessed.


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