Sunday, July 03, 2005

The Empress Wears New Clothes

We once lived near an island in B.C. that was well known for marijuana cultivation. The only way to access the island was by the ferry. As there were no banks or places to buy alcohol on the island and a round trip would take a few hours, police were seldom seen and the 'farmers' could go about their work without worry. Besides, they had a early-warning system in place. As the police were waiting for the ferry a phone call would be made to a few people, who would contact a few more people who each would contact some more people. These 'farmers' would casually walk out of their crops and be home free long before the police arrived.

Pregnant ladies have the same system and it can cost a fortune. As soon as a sale is located in one of the many maternity clothing departments in the city a code red alert is passed from pregnant woman to pregnant woman. Like locusts swarming across the prairies, these hordes can strip a section of store in a matter of hours. It appears to the uninitiated that the ruins left behind are devastating to the long term success of the business, however, new life soon replaces the barren landscape. As a pine cone uses the forest fire to open itself and disperse its seed to create the next generation of pine tree, so to does the maternity section. New fashions, new styles and higher prices mean increased revenue for the business owner. Not all pregnant woman can take advantage of the savings during the swarm and those left behind must shell out the cash to keep from being naked after busting out of their ever shrinking clothes. Such is the business cycle of life.


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