Saturday, July 02, 2005

Juice, eggs and whole wheat bread

Eggs are good. I have always enjoyed eggs. Sunny-side up, over easy, poached scrambled and now even fertilized. I have even had the pleasure of enjoying a hard boiled ostrich egg. I ate eggs in the past and I continue to eat them today. That is the only consistent thing on the daily menu. Everything is healthy now. Everything has colour. I had forgotten that some so called foods were green, or red or orange. I like my meat pink and my potatoes starchy, dripping with butter.

It used to be coffee and tea in the morning for breakfast, but apparently Cletus the fetus doesn't like caffeine and would prefer fresh fruit juices instead. So everyday I get up and peel, de-pit, core or otherwise prepare fresh fruit to throw into the blender for an assortment, a cornucopia if you will, of fresh fruit juices. Today was pineapple, plum, tangerine and orange. Last week I did a juice with fresh cherries and peaches.

What I think is the most difficult to digest is the foods that used to be white, but now because we are pregnant have turned brown. Bread and rice. What happened to Wonder Bread? Most of Canada grew up on the stuff. It was good enough for us then, but then again so was standing on the front seat of the salmon pink station wagon with wood siding as it was barreling down the 401. And I don't really like rice in any colour, but at least when it was white it was uniform. What I mean is that every grain looked the same, the texture was the same and it all took the same amount of time to cook. When a staple like rice needs a recipe to prepare it should be substituted for a staple like potato. Boil, eat, digest. And I don't believe people actually enjoy long grain and wild rice. I believe that they think it is cool to be 'all natural'. These are the same people who think that Ayn Rand's We The Living was a great book. They choose to suffer for the sake of suffering, or to prove their so called depth by pretending to enjoy suffering. Wild Rice Sucks. Why do people pretend otherwise?

I am having peanut butter and jam on WHITE wonderbread for lunch today.


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