Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Oh Irony of Ironies

What a waste of a good title for a half relevant story but I couldn't resist. I just like the expression.

I promised that I would describe our new place today. First though I must explain why we need a new place. We live downtown in a renovated loft space above a store. It is a single 1200 square foot room with lots of windows, fifteen foot ceilings and hardwood throughout. We love it. The problem is that when we have guests they must sleep on our couches which are technically in our bedroom. Cuddling becomes holding hands under the blankets and even then I feel like I am throwing caution to the wind. A dirty little man drawing on the palm of my wife's hand.

Throw in a new baby (that is a figure of speech as you should never throw in your new baby) and this place, as large as it is, will seem crowded. We needed walls. We needed stairs. Most importantly we needed a washer and dryer as we are looking towards cloth diapers. Doing laundry once a week while your baby is filling a few diapers with poop every day is not cool.

So we went looking for a baby friendly place with a room to decorate, stairs, walls and a washer and dryer. The first place we found was perfect. They even know that we have a monster of a dog. It had everything we were looking for. Two bedrooms on the second floor, main floor laundry, hardwood flooring etc. It even has a dishwasher and for those cold romantic winter nights with my very pregnant wife, or wife and baby, a working fireplace.

So where is the irony of ironies you ask. Well I'll tell you half of the ironies now. We are living next door to a hospital which could have delivered our child only two weeks ago. Back in the middle of June the hospital closed its doors for the last time and we now have to travel across town when we go into labour. The second half of the ironies is how we will be traveling.

Four months ago, before we became pregnant, we put in an order for a new car. We thought it would be fun before the inevitable minivan and with a one year lease we were sure to have it traded in long before worrying about baby seats. After a longer than expected wait for the car to be produced and then shipped across the ocean, we will finally be receiving our new car tomorrow. A brand new 2006 Mini Cooper. With the monster dog and baby seat I may be able to fit into it as well.

Is that enough irony for you???

Good night


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, it is.
Thank you.
Keep up the great blog! :-)

10:16 p.m.  
Blogger AllClear said...

Any chance that the new nursery can be a guest room until Cletus arrives??

8:09 a.m.  

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