Tuesday, June 28, 2005

A First Appointment Missed

Some appointments will be missed. This is unavoidable. I work for the she-devil. No, the truth is that my boss is one-hundred percent behind me regarding my desire to get to as many appointments as possible and she has been wonderful in that regard. That being said, I am not going to take advantage of her generosity and there will be some appointments I will not get too. Today is one of those days and I missed hearing the sound of Cletus's heart beat.

My wife met with the mid-wife today. We were not sure about this option because everyone who has ever had a baby, and most of those who haven't, have an opinion about mid-wives and they have all shared their stories with us. We have heard stories on both sides of the argument (mostly good) but we wanted to make the decision with our own research. Well it seems that mid-wives are now the assistance of choice for my wife so I will be going to our next appointment with her to meet our new caregiver. By the way, this is the same lady who recommended the cattle trough to our friends earlier in the blog. I think the deciding factor is just an understanding that we want to 'experience' this pregnancy and by taking a little extra time to understand everything with a mid-wife we hope to have a fuller, richer experience.

The saddest, and happiest, part of the day for me was hearing that my wife was able to hear Cletus's heart beat. I missed my chance today but there will be other opportunities. I guess my point is that while I want to be there for every appointment reality says that I should pick my times off carefully. I would hate to not get time off and miss an ultrasound because I attended every bloodwork and routine check-up that my wife had to go to. My employer has been fair with me and I will be fair in return.

Tomorrow I will tell you all about the new place we rented for our growing family.

Fun, fun, fun.



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