Thursday, June 30, 2005

Basic Medical Advice - Tylenol and Metamucil

I am not talking about serious medical conditions here today. I am talking about mundane everyday type problems. Where do you get advice for these things? Today my wife had a headache, it wouldn't go away. After a few hours of pounding pain a certain level of mental insanity sets in and you become someone other than yourself. It is like Chinese water torture without the water. It was finally time to take some medication, the first medication.

You see, even though my wife had a great deal of morning sickness and was assured that Dyclectin was safe (remind me to check the spelling) my wife decided to grin and bear it so Cletus the fetus could remain drug free...just in case. This should be the irony of ironies story. Anyway, how do you medicate something like a headache? Where do you go for info about which pain reliever is safest? The internet was a waste of time as it had way to much info. The pharmacy was closed. The sales clerk at Thyme Maternity mentioned Tylenol but her opinion carried very little weight as she probably specialized in fashion in College, deciding to skip medical school to join the workforce. She was right, by the way. Tylenol is safe for pregnant ladies. I had it verified by Tele-health Ontario.

I also learned another piece if info from the nurse at Tele-Health Ontario. For some reason, out of the blue, the nurse blurted out that should my wife ever become constipated Metamucil is the recommended product. I asked her how my wife's headache remedy request was a precursor to a discussion about her bowel movements but I never got an answer.

Tele-Health Ontario. Giving you the advice you need - and then some.
-this message brought to you by the makers of Metamucil - producers of fine stool softeners for over 50 years. Metamucil, it keeps America running.


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