Monday, July 18, 2005


I'm sorry. I only meant to step away for a day but it appears that I went missing all weekend. I had every intention of writing every night but I couldn't find either a computer or the time. You see, I was in Montreal last weekend and with all the food and Just for Laugh celebrations I didn't have time to fill you in on my life. I spent the weekend visiting churches, Old Montreal and learning about the cost of room service. I also learned about swollen feet.

Walking, or standing, leads to swollen ankles. While not a major medical malformation, nor a visual monstrosity, swollen ankles can be punishing...for the husband. Sore feet are sore feet and swollen ankles are really just a symptom of sore feet. The problem is that with swollen ankles your wife now has physical evidence of discomfort which must be tended to right away. If the feet are not elevated and the swelling not massaged you run the very real risk of seeing cankles. This is when the swelling totally absorbs the ankle or when there is no longer a separation between calf and ankle. If you let it get this far then you will have to watch her feet for hours on end. Your punishment is dished out every 2 minutes with the phrase, "Look at my ankles". It is sneaky too. It seems so innocent. "Look at my ankles." You don't even know you are in trouble yet. "Look at my ankles". You may even laugh about cankles together. "Look at my ankles". Then, the feet come out, first one, then both laying across your lap.

They say that 5 minutes a day is worth an hour a week. Do it. It is the least you can do.


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