Monday, August 08, 2005

What Does The Future Hold?

I think about that more than ever before. I am not talking directly about my future, but that of all futures.

I have learned a great deal about genetic fitness from my wife. The idea is that as long as we produce offspring our genetic code will survive. That premise explains why animals risk their own life to protect their offspring or why siblings care for another siblings offspring or why animals even breed at all. I am not suggesting that this is conscious thought, however, as a higher being I can look to the future and think about what will be left for my children's, children's children. Can my genes survive our changing environment?

And this is new for me. I know my child will have a good life. Bottled water may become a necessity but I am pretty sure that Cletus will still be able to breath the air. I am beginning to think about this sort of stuff.

As an optimist with an incredibly short attention span I don't think about this stuff for too long. That being said, I have given it enough thought to decide that tomorrow I am going to take out my recycling. Living downtown for two years made recycling very difficult as London does not recycle downtown. Tomorrow I take a giant step forward in the fight to protect my genetic fitness.

I would ask that each of you pick up a stray piece of trash for Cletus the next time you see one. Email me and let me know what you picked up for Cletus. This challenge is very important for my family as my genetic fitness directly impacts yours. Pick up a piece for Cletus today and increase your genetic fitness.

Seriously, email me with what you picked up.


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