Thursday, August 04, 2005

Supervised Visitation

We saw Cletus again today. We were granted visitation by a representative of the Government of Ontario. We weren't even able to take Cletus for a walk or anything, but a 30 minute, supervised visit is better than no visit at all. During our few precious moments together we were able to get some photos taken and watch Cletus's little heart beat. I couldn't believe how much he had grown since our last visit.

Ultrasound during pregnancy is one of the coolest things ever. Being able to see your baby develop is a magical gift and I will always remember it. While it is an amazing experience every time, the nurse that performs the procedure can influence your level of enjoyment by their involvement. Today the nurse was young and probably without child. Being at the end of that endless line of pregnant women every day, women needing to see their baby, woman after woman with the same set of questions, has caused her to see the image, and not the magic. It is too bad to because the vast majority of people you see on a daily basis are so excited to be there talking to you. That is not the case where I work.

Anyways, Cletus looks great. The nurse was able to determine the sex but we still don't know what that is. I am guessing Cletus is a boy. I'm pretty sure I saw a monster of a penis but my wife insists that it was the umbilical cord. I will be happy either way.


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