Monday, August 22, 2005

Do You Want To Go For A Walk?

I have been asking my dog this question for 10 years. Do you want to go for a walk? As soon as you begin the question his head perks up and his tails starts to wag so quickly that the momentum whips his ass around. He runs to the door and whines until you get outside.

Excercise is an important daily requirement for pregnant women but sometimes energy levels are low or nausia levels are high. I have been amazed by my wife this week as all of the stars have aligned themselves and she is active and creative. For the last week she has been creating new culinary masterpieces in the kitchen, getting up early to get to the pool for a morning swim and tonight, when asked if she wanted to go for a walk around the block my wife responded by walking around the neighbourhood. By the time we got home the dog was exhausted and I was gasping for breath.

I will ask my wife if she would like to go for a walk again tomorrow, but before I do I will be sure to drink many fluids, stretch and as we will no doubt walk late into the night I will also make sure to dress in layers.


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