Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Prenatal Yoga

My wife began a series of prenatal yoga classes tonight. About 15 women got together for an hour of relaxation and stretching.

My wife has always enjoyed yoga classes and I was excited for her to join this yoga group. It must be a very positive experience to share time and stories with other pregnant women while enjoying the stretches and relaxation that comes with yoga.

Now not all yoga experiences are positive and tonight, the first night of classes, is a great example of what can go wrong when your wife goes to a prenatal yoga class. I think this should be a learning experience of what to avoid and possible ways to prevent this from happening to you.

Before my wife left for her one hour lesson I was given a list of things to do. I was asked to cook dinner and to finish painting the washroom. Prenatal yoga for me meant work and sweat. I was misguided by the notion that prenatal yoga was relaxing. I pictured the smell of aromatherapy and stretching for the stars. What prenatal yoga means for me is the smell of paint and stretching for those hard to reach corners.

As with all forms of exercise it is important to plan your activities ahead of time. This could mean loosening your muscles before a workout or making sure you drink enough water to remain hydrated. In my case planning will mean making sure I have something to do on Wednesday nights and making sure that these plans are well known by my list making wife because if I don't think of something for me to do then my wife can surely think of something.

So remember, not all forms of exercise are good and plan your activities before they are planned for you.

It is funny to picture Cletus doing upward facing bow posture or lotus posture. (I really don't know these yoga postures. I just looked up yoga names on the net).



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