Sunday, June 08, 2008

Here we grow again...

It's unofficial, so if anyone actually reads this then keep it to yourself until after we arrive in Canada. We took the test today and passed, we think. The pregnancy test here says Enceinte so we assume that is good. The only other option is Pas Enceite and pas means not. So as long as Enceinte means pregnant then we are all good.

Thanks to the internet and the 500,000 pregnancy calendars available, we have predicted that we are due around February 5th, 2009. Our first trimester ends on July 28th and we arrive back in Canada on the 3rd of August.

For our first pregnancy I gave the fetus the nickname Cletus. I need a new name so if you have any ideas please post them here. I am looking for something female this time.

So, I am back. Hopefully I can keep everyone updated often.

Hello little new life. Your big brother is waiting for you.


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