Monday, October 24, 2005

I Never Knew Showers Were So Much Fun

Tradition dictates that only women should be invited to and attend baby showers. What a load of crap. Showers are fun and having couples attend our shower meant I could go too. Now not all guys would be excited by the prospect of spending the day looking at cute duck covered sleepers and I am sure some guys would feel it should be a day off. Time for a round of golf or to just sit around and veg for an afternoon, but the guys (and gals) who came to our shower yesterday were great.

Cattle trough girl and her husband hosted the event. The planning that went into our day will be remebered and hopefully, some day, we will be able to return our appreciation somehow.

My favourite part of the day was the games. These games were original and relevant. I wish I could go into detail about the one game but I am hoping they approach a games manufacturer with the idea. I believe that this game will be on store shelves some day soon so that baby showers everywhere can share the fun we had yesterday.

Something weird happened at the shower, and I think that it will best exemplify exactly what yesterday meant to me. First let me explain that I am the speaker in this relationship. When something needs to be said, a thank you, a birthday wish, a prayer or words of encouragement, I am the one to step up and speak. I enjoy being able to express how I feel. Yesterday I was speechless.

What can you say? How do you thank people for the generosity shown to the child you don't even know yet? Even now I am suffering from some sort of writers block, and every time I think of some words that begin to express how I feel I begin to cry. Not a sucky cry, but a holy shit, larger than anything, we are going to have a child cry. I don't sob or anything. It is just that my head just fills with emotion and my tear ducts explode from the pressure. It is then, when I am overwhelmed, that I forget what I had thought to say, and I am back to being speechless.

One thing I can say to anyone who was there yesterday...thank you. I had a wonderful time.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

fsb to see you back blogging!

The blessing of friends and family is greater than anyother i know (except for God of course). My baby shower was amazing for all the reasons you wrote about - what am amazing feeling to know that the people you love love you too and are with you and excited about your new child. To enable people in to share in your excitement is a wonderful thing.

Continue to be blessed a be a blessing!

5:01 a.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We didn't have an official baby shower. My wife's Jewish and apparently some Jews don't believe in having showers (I say "some" because I've asked every other Jewish person I know and no one else ever heard of it). It was at the point where any gifts that were sent had to be kept in the garage. Heck, my in-laws didn't even want me painting the baby's room until after he was born (I finally put my foot down and did it a month early, good thing too, he was a week and a half early).

It sounds like you had fun. Glad you enjoyed it. :)

4:49 p.m.  

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