Sunday, October 23, 2005

What Do You Mean It Has Been A Month?

Have you ever had a baby? When the whole process begins it seems like you have no time to get ready. Potentially, the baby could be here tomorrow. Reality, however, is that 9 months is a long, long time and I have a short attention span.

Much has happened in the last month, but nothing really new. We did finally finish the baby room (details to follow in another post), we have had our first baby shower (details to follow in another post), and my wife has recently found out that she has a low iron level, (nothing to be concerned about but I will share the details in another post).

This post is only to let anyone who cares know that my wife, Cletus and I are all fine. We are still due on December 27th, which if you do the math is only 65 days away (Holy Crap).

Thanks for caring. Fun posts to follow.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Glad to see you back. :)

4:41 p.m.  
Blogger AllClear said...

Glad you're back - I look forward to hearing about the baby's room (or maybe even seeing it), and hearing more about the low iron level.

Hope you keep on blogging -

11:08 p.m.  

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