Wednesday, September 14, 2005

A Couple of Firsts

Yesterday I was able to go with my wife to visit the midwife. I was really excited to go because the midwife is where my wife has been able to hear little Cletus's heartbeat. Yesterday was my turn. Excitedly I cocked my head to the side thinking that I would need my full attention to hear but soon enough I easily picked out the whowhowhowhowhowhowhowhowhowho of my child's heart.

It was so perfect. It was like a metronome pounding out the steady rhythm of a hit I danced. I danced for my wife. I danced for joy. I danced because that is what I felt like doing at the time. Because of my dance the steady whowhowhowho of the heartbeat became a whoheewhoheewhoheewhohee as I could now hear what the inside of my wife's belly sounds like when she is laughing.

What a joy though. It is incredible to experience these stages of love and every stage is necessary. I can see why now. If everything took a week, conception, fetal development and birth then I believe that the love inside you would make you explode. You need the time to grow I think. So yesterday I grew and I loved Cletus even more than the day before.

Today I love Cletus even more than yesterday. Today my little kid kicked me for the first time. I was touching my wife's belly, not expecting anything because it has never happened before but sure enough...bam...the little shit drop kicked me. I freaked out. I was running around upstairs like an idiot but how many times in my life will I be kicked for the first time by my child?

I need a tissue.

Sorry about the delay.


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