Monday, September 19, 2005

I Hope Cletus Likes His/Her Room

What an ordeal. I had managed to put off decorating for about 4 or 5 weeks now. I would stall by saying "Let's go to the wallpaper store and see if we can find something." I never really looked at the options because I wasn't really ready to paint or paper. Yesterday my wife suggested that whether I realized it or not, at that moment I was going to get ready because we were going to finish Cletus's room on the double.

Paint is paint. Find a colour you like and spread it over your walls. If you are very stylish you might go out and find a matching pillow. This is home decoration for me. When you are designing (it is no longer called decorating) a baby room there are many things that one must consider. A colour you like becomes a pallet of complimentary shades. A wall becomes a series of symmetric, or asymmetric patterns on which a child's mental development is dependent. Borders, accents and trim all play an important and equal roll. And don't even get me started on furniture.

Now, after two more hard days of work in there we now have a base coat of shite (I meant white) with 4 foot by 6 inch vertical bars painted in Rejuvenate. I am sure you can picture exactly what colour Rejuvenate is. Only stenciling, bordering, and highlighting left to do.

Oh yeah, and we stayed away from wallpaper. Sorry Mom. We still want you to visit though.

Also, we have another ultrasound tomorrow. I sure hope I don't see a tallywhacker on the monitor. It is fun not knowing the sex ahead of time and I recommend everyone else should do the same.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ug on your finding the sex comment. :)

My sister was the first of us to have a kid. For some reason everyone got the idea into their heads that she was having a girl. I don't know why but that what was going around. She refused to find out. Well, after several rounds of baby showers receiving all sorts of frilly little things the big event occured. Not only was the baby a boy, but he took after her 6'3" husband not my 5'1" sister. :) Several trips to many different stores to return everything. She had three more kids and didn't learn the sex of any of them.

In my own case we both wanted to know. My wife was a high-risk pregnancy so we had to have a level-2 ultrasound. The technician laughed when she pointed the camera "down there" and found that we were having a boy. She told us it's usually hard to tell because boys have a tendency to "cover up". Not my kid, wide open for the world to see. :)

I'll never forget calling her parents. They live in Las Vegas, we live in Chicago. At the time they had seven grandsons, not a single granddaughter. When we told my father-in-law we were having grandson number eight his exact words were: "oh, a boy......congratulations". Priceless. My wife's step-sister has since given him grandson number nine. He can't win for losing. ;)

Last thing. My mother ended up passing on exactly one month to the day before my son was born (cancer). On one of her last trips to the hospital my wife was with me so one of the nurses hooked her up to a heart monitor so my mom could hear the heartbeat. Hearing that and knowing it was a boy made her happy.

Strange situation but there you are.

Of course if you don't want to know power to ya. ;)

12:07 p.m.  

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