Thursday, September 15, 2005

Consignment Sales Rock!!!

I was a little put off today when my wife picked me up from work and mentioned that we were on our way to a consignment sale for baby stuff. I was hoping to get a hair cut and race home to catch the first episode of Survivor but before I knew it we were racing across town to some obscure church basement.

Sales in the basements of churches always reminds me of bazaars and rummage sales. You get 50 of the churches oldest parishoners and ask them if they would like to sell some of their stuff. You can be sure that fresh baked goods will be sold and that they are the only things made since 1980, with the exception of that pseudo-craft where they weave yarn in and out of a plastic grid and think they are freakin' Martha Stewart.

Anyways, this church basement was different. It had a whole bunch of baby stuff in it. Furniture, clothing, toys, books, car seats, and yes...cloth diapers. We left with our new car seat, some cute little clothing, a little bathtub and 20 new/used cloth diapers (at a cost of 50 cents each). SCORE!!!

We are almost done our second trimester. I can't wait.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

We just ended up giving away a bunch stuff our son has outgrown.

My wife orginally had this idea of having a garage sale and selling it all off. Clothes that cost $8 new and were worn once and still had the tags she was trying to sell for $3. People (always with heavy Eastern European accents) would try to talk her down to $.50. She finally gave up out of frustration halfway through the second day.

We ended up dontating the whole lot of clothes (along with some unopened cases of formula, diapers, etc) to the hurricane victims.

She also donated toys and stuff to our son's daycare.

11:22 a.m.  

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