Saturday, July 12, 2008

Oh, The Miracles of Modern Science

Something like 85% of women get morning sickness when they are pregnant. That is a staggering statistic. The money that can be made from a safe, effective treatment could be huge. Bendectin was made by Merril Dow Pharmaceuticals until they were sued by hundreds of families for birth defects in 1983. Thalidomide was originally developed and prescribed as a cure for morning sickness in West Germany but its use was discontinued when babies started being born with flippers for hands. Since then, Diclectin has been heavily perscribed but the fears remain.

We have tried many suggested remedies found on the internet. Eating dry bread or crackers before getting up in the morning, eating Granny Smith apples, moving slowly and homeopathic tablets called Lux Vomica. If there were benefits to any of these treatments then they were minor and short-lived.

Our most recent discovery, however, has reduced the morning sickness to the point where it is barely noticable. It is a pair of bracelets, like sweatbands, with a plastic bead that is positioned on the wrist, like acupuncture. As soon as they go on she feels better and as soon as she takes them off the morning sickness comes back. They are incredible and worth every penny.

Even with all of this technology at our fingertips and billions spent on pharmaceutical research, the most effective treatment for morning sickness is thousands of years old and is practically free. What a bunch of suckers we are for relying on big business to make us feel better. Why don't we just trust that maybe ancient remedies can be valid?

I am happy that she feels better.


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