Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Oh oh. Time to shop again.

Well my wife is beginning to change again. We have to eat Chinese food more often than usual and the morning sickness has returned. Another change that is beginning will result in my having to visit a department store tomorrow. There is a sale on maternity wear at LaHalle near us so I have to be prepared to spend some dough. If you remember during our first pregnancy I was astounded by how much maternity wear costs. I hope I do not have to relive that horror again.

Also, I have decided for the time being, that I will name this fetus Margaritas. Margaritas the Fetus is now 7 weeks old and apparently we should be able to hear her heartbeat at the ultrasound, if we can ever communicate with a doctor here.

Wish us luck. That is my goal tomorrow. To find a good, well-rounded doctor. A doctor who can do an ultrasound for my wife and a doctor who can revive me when I see the bill for new clothing at the maternity sale. Sale my ass. I'm gonna get screwed. Well apparently, I'm not the first.

See you soon.

Good night Margaritas.


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