Saturday, June 28, 2008

Doctor and maternity clothes update

I realize that I never mentioned how my search for a doctor went, or how we did at the maternity clothing sale.

First, the sale. We bought a couple of outfits - 50% off. Woohoo!!! So I got out of there only dropping 34 Euros (around $55).

The search for a doctor hasn't been as productive. I want to see our baby, but I also want to be able to understand the doctor so I have been trying to find one that speaks English. The first problem is that I can't find any doctor willing to take on a new patient, especially one who will only be here for another month. Do you remember in a previous post how I mentioned that everyone in France is pregnant? Well there is now apparently a doctor shortage.

I did manage to make an appointment for July 18th, with a French doctor. I think I was told to tell Alex that she should drink a lot of water before the appointment so I am hoping for an ultrasound. I am still trying to find another doctor who can see us sooner than that though.

I am sure you will be able to read about it in future posts.


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