Saturday, June 28, 2008

Nauseous at the Park

Canada is so damn safe. Too safe if you ask me. It is as though the CSA needs to justify their existence so they spend all their time finding ways kids hurt themselves and how to protect them. Parks are an excellent example of this. When I was a child there was a toy at the park that was round. Kids would hold on for dear life and the older children would spin it faster and faster until one or more of the weaker children would be flung across the yard. That was funny, and being super tall and super skinny, I was usually the one being flung.
Here in France, we still have that toy, or something like it. Now it is much smoother, it has nothing to hold onto, is higher off the ground and is angled so children can actually be propelled into the air or driven into the ground. It's great!!!
Ethan loves this park and I take him there often. In fact, yesterday the city was holding a big childrens festival there. Ethan loves another toy that spins and he gets himself so dizzy spinning around and around. Well yesterday he wanted to teach daddy how to do it, so I did. I would spin around for a couple of seconds and he would correct my style and make me do it again. Again and again. After five minutes I was so dizzy and nauseous. Yes, you heard me...nauseous. Oh my God. This is what Alex feels like every day of her pregnancy. I can relate now. Being pregnant and having morning sickness is like spending 5 minutes on a spinning childrens toy, in the sun, when you haven't eaten.
I used to say that I would love to be able to carry a child, that women are blessed with this gift. Not anymore. I felt like shit for hours yesterday and I appreciate what my wife endures everyday for our family.
I hope Margaritas the Fetus appreciates it when she is older.


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