Monday, July 21, 2008


I mentioned previously how difficult it is to get an ultrasound while we are here in France, but on a whim today I called all of the places in town that can do it. Success!!!

Our ultrasound is tomorrow at 11:00. What will we find? It is still very early so we may not be able to determine the sex, but we have decided that this time we will learn that rather than be surprised in the delivery room. Maybe we will find more than one fetus. We have always said that twins would be fun, but when we actually discussed it and talked about the logistics, we were overwhelmed by how much work it would be. Triplets??? Hell no. That would be crazy!!!

I kind of hope it is twins. Alex has already chosen the name if it is a girl, and if I want any say in the matter then I will need to have more than one baby, I am sure.

I will update tomorrow on the ultrasound.

We will see you tomorrow Margaritas.


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